Dewey’s mom just sent these over to me - we kind of had a moment on my last day. I think he knew something was up because he kept whining. So when I got down to say good bye to him for the last time he crawled up onto my lap and she snapped a couple of pictures.

Sorry things have been quiet! I don’t have many pictures and no dogs to talk about. I have some training-related text posts I want to address but I haven’t typed them up yet. Maybe in a day or two!

The coloring of these basenjis. WOW. Real green eyes with chocolate-colored fur? What beauties.

Interestingly enough, these are all purebred basenji! From the article:

The Feral dogs were taken to HCAS, vetted and placed in the investigation wing’s locked kennels. The pack is comprised of multiple generations from 3 years and older to a 2 to 3 week old litter of pups and pregnant moms. Red & White color basenji is seen in the older dogs. The younger Basenji were predomiantly the tri pattern in both black tri and Chocolate/liver tri colors. About 1/3 of the population have a chocolate/liver coat color in both the tri and bi patterned dogs. There are a range in sizes from the typical Basenji size of 15 1/2 to 17 inch and several individuals up to 18 and 20 inches at the shoulder. Both Basenji coat types are seen as well. One tall male black tri has a solid blue eye. There are two distinct conformation lines in the pack. One is tall and lean while the other is more bulky and wide in structure. All of these variations are seen within the basenji breed population. The presence of the chocolate/liver color and the blue eye color is an indication of the level of unmanaged inbreeding in this small isolated group of dogs.

Basically, these puppies were rescued from a hoarding situation. They were kept loose on a 5 acre property, and bred freely. So there was a lot of inbreeding going on. These are not normal colors for basenjis, or conformation.

It’s sort of bittersweet. They’re amazingly beautiful, but they were inbred to get that way. :(


And here are the adults and puppies at the time of the seizure. 

*these sites take a long time to load. So click the links to a new tab and let them load. It’s worth the wait, VERY interesting if you like basenjis*